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Student Financial Services

Florida Prepaid

Getting Started

It is the student who initiates the authorization of Florida Tech to invoice Florida Prepaid. Once a student has decided that they are going to attend Florida Tech and is no longer considering other schools, it is time to get the process started with Florida Prepaid.

Be sure to complete both steps #1 & #2 below:

  1. Send verification to Florida Tech: To ensure that Florida Tech can verify that a student is eligible for Florida Prepaid funds, please send the University a copy of the Florida Prepaid ID card letter, or if that is not available, any official Florida Prepaid letter showing the student’s name will do. Please send verification to
  2. Complete the Transfer Form: Visit and be sure that the Transfer Form area is complete. The Transfer Form is the instrument that lets Florida Prepaid know that the student has decided to attend Florida Tech and that the University is authorized to withdraw funds from their Florida Prepaid account. 

On the Florida Prepaid Transfer form, the student will be required to choose between being "Restricted" or "Unrestricted," as follows:

  • "Restricted" - Florida Prepaid will be invoiced each semester based solely on how many credit hours the student is registered for at Florida Tech, up to a limit of 15 credit hours per semester. This helps to ensure that the amount in the Florida Prepaid plan lasts for the full four years.
  • "Unrestricted" - The student has the option of contacting Florida Tech each semester to let us know what dollar amount they would like Florida Prepaid to be invoiced. This can give the student or their family a little more flexibility with their money.

In either case, the student is treated by Florida Tech as if his/her Florida Prepaid account is "restricted" unless we hear from the student each semester. The deadline for contacting us is the last "Drop at 100% Refund" date for that semester. See the Academic Calendar for dates.

Current Rates

Tuition Plan - A flat dollar amount is paid per credit hour for those that chose either the 4-Year Tuition Plan or for those that chose the 2+2-Year Tuition Plan.

Local Fees Plan – Covers an additional flat dollar amount per credit hour for those that chose the Local Fees Plan.

Dorm Fee Plan – Covers a flat amount, or the actual dorm rate for the semester, whichever is less. The dorm fee can only be processed if the student has a signed Florida Tech housing contract and is living on campus in one of the dorms; it cannot be processed if the student lives off campus and/or lives in one of the Florida Tech Fraternity/Sorority Houses. 

For more information

Please contact: 
Account Management | L3Harris Commons Building, Room 134 | Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:30
Florida Tech | 150 W. University Blvd. | Melbourne, Florida 32901

Julia Querry, Student Financial Services | Phone:  321-674-7302 |
Florida Prepaid College Savings Plans | Phone: 800-552-4723 |