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Loan Servicing

Current Students

If you have questions about your current or upcoming loans, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (800) 666-4348, 321-674-8070, or by email at

Former Students

Florida Tech's Office of Account Management acts as collector for the following loan types:

  • Federal Perkins Loan
  • Charles A. Frueauff Loan
  • Florida Tech Merit Loan

The Office of Account Management does not collect or service Stafford Loans or any other private loans. Please refer to your loan documents to obtain access to your loan lender for services.

The servicing for Perkins, Frueauff, and Merit Loans, including monthly billing, payment posting and application of deferments, is performed for Florida Tech by Heartland Campus Solutions/Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (Heartland ECSI). Servicing of these loans begins when a student exits Florida Tech either by graduation or withdrawal.


Office of Account Management staff has access to Heartland ECSI's loan system. Loan borrowers can obtain information and make updates to their loan account through Heartland ECSI or Account Management. The optimal method of reviewing and updating loan information is through Heartland ECSI's website. The knowledgeable staff at Heartland ECSI will assist you in setting up a user name and password for access to their site. The student assistance phone number is 888-549-3274. Our school code is "U7," and our lender ID is 00146900. Heartland ECSI's loan system now utilizes both the borrower's social security number and their Florida Tech SID number for their loan account number. Heartland ECSI also offers online payments through their website. If you mail in forms, please identify the account by "U7" and at least the last four digits of the borrower's social security number or their Florida Tech student ID number. Loan payment checks should be made payable to Florida Tech and mailed to Heartland ECSI at the following address:

Florida Institute of Technology
c/o Heartland ECSI
P.O. Box 1287
Moon Township, PA 15108

Florida Tech routinely uploads its student enrollment records to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse. Heartland ECSI accesses the clearinghouse for student enrollment records. If you have exited Florida Tech and are attending a new school, and that school also uploads its enrollment records to the clearinghouse, Heartland ECSI may be able to obtain your enrollment record(s) and apply a student deferment on your behalf. If your new school does not upload enrollment records to the clearinghouse, you will need to provide Heartland ECSI with a paper enrollment verification from your new school's Registrar. You may at any time review and print your records from the National Student Loan Clearinghouse website. Instructions can be followed by clicking this link. Keep in mind that only those schools utilizing the clearinghouse will show on your enrollment history. Also, most schools, including Florida Tech, do not upload a new semester's enrollment records until at least the 3rd week of class. If you did not include your SSN on your FIT application, you may not find your records on the clearinghouse. This situation can be easily rectified by contacting our Registrar's Office and providing SSN documentation.  Students currently enrolled at Florida Tech may obtain a free verification of enrollment online through the Student Academics tab in Access Florida Tech by selecting the PAWS link.

Deferment and cancellation forms can be downloaded from the Borrower section of Heartland/ECSI's website. Choose Forms and look for the type of deferment or cancellation that fits your need.

All forms are sent to Heartland ECSI at their address shown above.

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