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Notice For Flight Students

Important Notice

  • For both new and returning students - it is important to know that your student debit card (Panther Card) is the only payment method accepted for flight training lessons at the airport. Your Flight Instruction Account is directly linked to your Panther Card. Therefore, be sure to put money on your Panther Card “Flight Instruction Account” on or before your first flight lesson (i.e. first day of the semester).
  • Students are required to make an initial deposit of the lesser of $4,000 or the minimum course cost listed in the “Fees and Expenses” brochure (if less than $4,000.00) at the beginning of each course. Students are also required to maintain a minimum balance of $1,000 in this account. Additional deposits to maintain the minimum balance will be needed to continue the course.
  • Billing for the use of aircraft, flight devices, flight instruction, and fuel usage will be charged against the Flight Instruction Account on the student’s Panther Card. The balance in the student’s Flight Instruction Account will be checked for adequate funds before each lesson. After the lesson, the card will be swiped and a deduction will be made from the Flight Instruction Account. The charge will be based upon actual times for flight and instruction.
  • A billing rate has been set for each type of aircraft, flight device, and flight instruction. Estimated hourly billing rates for aircraft and an estimated instruction cost budget for flight courses can be found in the Registrar's Fees and Expenses for the Academic Year 2016-2017. Billing rates can be impacted by FAA requirements, changes in fuel prices, and other factors beyond the University’s control.
  • Predicting fuel prices is, and will probably continue to be, a challenge. To avoid using estimated fuel prices at the beginning of the academic year, a student in an aviation flight course will be billed for fuel at the prevailing price as the fuel is used. This is known in the industry as renting the aircraft at a “dry” rate.

Note: Flight Instruction Costs are not included in the Panther Payment Plan.

Making a Flight Instruction Account Deposit

The Panther Card Flight Instruction Account process is a “pay-as-you-go” system. Deposits to the Flight Instruction Account can be made at any time. In order to fly, the student must have adequate funds on their Flight Instruction Account prior to each lesson. 

  • Deposits to the Flight Instruction Account of the Panther Card can be made via cash or check with a valid student ID at the Office of Student Accounting (cashier's window), located in the Harris Commons Building, 1st floor. 
  • Deposits can also be made via credit card through the FL Tech website at the Panther Account Deposits webpage (you will be required to setup a login ID & password) - Can also be found on the Quick Links dropbox under Panther Card Online Deposits.

Note: Make sure that you specify “Flight Instruction” from the drop down box when making deposits to your Flight Instruction Account.

For additional information, please contact FIT Aviation LLC 

Customer Service: (321) 674-6501

Operations Control: (321) 674-6521

Line Services: (321) 674-6515

Maintenance Hangar: (321) 674-6517

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