Allen S Henry Bulding

Accessibility Resources Accommodation Contract

As a student requesting academic accommodations through the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR), I understand that I have responsibilities to both myself and my education here at Florida Tech. Academic accommodations assist in providing the necessary tools and strategies that may be used to work towards academic success. As part of receiving such accommodations, I agree to the following:

  1. I give permission for all instructors and/or student support representatives to be notified of my accommodations while enrolled in Florida Tech and will verify that they have received such correspondence. I will notify OAR if there are changes in my schedule or if I wish to discontinue these services.
  2. I will contact OAR if I experience difficulties that may interfere with the successful completion of my course of study.
  3. I will meet attendance requirements and complete assignments in a timely fashion for all registered courses.
  4. If I receive testing accommodations, I will follow the policies and procedures set forth by the university. If I am an on-campus student, I understand that instructors prefer students to take tests at the same time as the class. If I have the option during on-campus course registration, I will plan for additional time in between classes to allow for my testing accommodations. If I elect to utilize testing services at the SSSC, I will use the Student Success and Support Center's Make a Testing Appointment link to review instructions and to make a testing appointment. Before your first testing appointment of the semester, you will be required to review and sign the "Statement of Expectations" for testing services.
  5. I will maintain communication with faculty/staff through my classroom email and/or my university email address ( email account), in accordance with expectations published in the Florida Tech Student Handbook.
  6. If I prefer for a specific person to have knowledge of my educational records, I will complete the Authorization for Release of Personally Identifiable Student Information Form with the Office of the Registrar, according to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  7. If I am an on-campus student, I understand that academic accommodations are effective for one semester and will need to reactivate my accommodations with OAR each semester by completing this accommodation contract. I understand the deadline for activating accommodations each semester is the Friday before the last day of on-campus classes.


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