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Oxford Study Abroad

Financial Aid


Also, view the frequently asked questions about the Oxford Program.

All Oxford Program fees are due on the dates listed on the Oxford program website. Payment plans are not an option for students enrolled in this study abroad program due to the nature of paying vendors/expenses.

Summer 2021 SCHOLARSHIPS: 

Contact for assistance if you plan to apply for a scholarship. Submit application essay drafts to 4 weeks prior to applicaiton deadline so there is time for review & editing.

  1. Florida Bright Future Scholarships- tuition scholarships for Florida Bright Future scholarship recipients are paid in the summer.  The Financial Aid office will assist with the amount.
  2. Gilman Scholarship for ALL majors. There is no GPA requirement, however you must be a Pell Grant recipient. One Florida Tech Oxford student was awarded a Gilman scholarship in summer 2010 and one was a runner up in 2018.  October 6, 2020 deadline for round 1.  March 5, 2021 deadline for round 2 applications.
  3. Gilman McCain Scholarship:  For dependents of active duty military only:  October 6, 2020 deadline.
  4. Oxford/Spain and Oxford/Netherdlands Program combination scholarship!  Participate in both the Florida Tech Oxford and Spain Programs or Oxford and Netherlands programs and undergrads take an additional $1000 off of tuition. Save over $3450 off of tuition for 9 Florida Tech credit hours and spend over 8 weeks abroad this summer! 
  5. Fund for Education Abroad:
  6. Foundation for Global Scholars:

Myth: If I use financial aid this summer for the Oxford Program I will not get fall or spring aid.

Fact:  No, if you use aid money in the summer, this does not take away from any other term's loans. You will still get the same amount in the fall and spring that you usually get. Yes, you will have more to pay back when you graduate, but if you are borrowing money anyway, it may as well be for this great experience on which you cannot really place a price tag.

Myth: Financial aid won’t pay for study abroad and I cannot make payments before my aid comes in.

Fact:  Using a combination of Stafford, Parent Plus, private education loans, and Pell Grant, financial aid can help you pay for it all. If you are eligible (US citizens only), these loans can sometimes cover the entire amount plus spending money. You can even use the aid to cover your flight costs and additional expenses. The financial aid office knows the full Oxford Program cost and they can tell you the amount you are allowed to borrow. Any funds awarded will be disbursed in the summer semester.

More scholarship information.