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Frequently Asked Questions

Also, view the frequently asked questions about financial aid and money matters.

Myth: Study abroad is not for engineers/science majors.

Fact: More STEM majors than ever are studying abroad. Having this experience makes you a more attractive candidate to employers who look for employees with international experience and the ability to adapt to different situations, people and environments. You will not be the only tech students in Oxford. Georgia Tech alone has a group of 150 students there each summer.

Myth: Only humanities classes are offered and I don’t need any more of those.

Fact: There is a large variety of classes offered in Oxford including: Math,  Humanities/Social Science, Sci Tech Comm, Civ, and Business courses.

Myth: This program is too expensive. I can take summer classes here cheaper.

Fact: Tuition for the program is highly reduced. You will save over $1700 on tuition if you take six hours in Oxford. The cost of the program is equal to taking six-nine hours on campus this summer when you include your living expenses. Europe is not cheap, but we have gotten you the best deals possible. Don’t forget that financial aid (loans) can help you to pay for it all!

Myth: If I use financial aid this summer for the Oxford program, I will not get fall or spring aid.

Fact: No, if you use aid money in the summer, this does not take away from any other term's loans. You will still get the same amount in the fall and spring that you usually get.

Myth: I have to work in the summer and can’t afford to be gone for six weeks.

Fact: The Oxford program runs from June 26–Aug 7, allowing you to earn six credit hours. You will have all of May and most of June to work.

Myth: I need to take my last several hours of courses at Florida Tech in order to graduate and cannot have transfer credit.

Fact: This is a Florida Tech program and NOT transfer credit. All courses are in the Florida Tech course catalog and you are receiving the credit and the grade just as if you were taking the courses at Florida Tech in Melbourne in the summer.

Myth: I have to graduate this summer, so I can’t go.

Fact: Not true—You can still graduate this summer even though you will miss the Melbourne commencement. You will get your final transcript and diploma in late August and can walk in the December commencement ceremony if you wish.

Myth: I don’t want to be the only person who doesn’t have a friend along.

Fact: Each summer several Florida Tech students attend the program. Very few know each other before going abroad. Each Oxford group is unique, but each groups bonds well during their 6 weeks in the UK and their many adventures overseas. If you talk to past participants, they will tell you that they had an incredible summer and made friendships that have continued well after the program. You will have the opportunity to bond with several adventurous Florida Tech students you may have never met otherwise. You will meet other program participants this spring at dinners and orientations so you can get to know each other and make some weekend travel plans in advance.

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