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Mathematical Sciences

Math Placement Exams

If you are admitted to Florida Tech as a freshman or as a transfer student, you are required to take a "math placement exam" to register a math course required for your major.  Students who are exempt from placement test, but could not transfer an AP Calculus credit, are strongly encouraged to take "advanced math exam" given during the orientation week.

Students are given three attempts to take math placement test prior to orientation week. The test is computer based and requires secure and strong internet connection. Those who do not complete the math placement test will be required to take the test in one of our computer labs  during the orientation week.

All students who accepted admittance to Florida Tech will be provided a sample placement exam that has no time limit and allows unlimited attempts. The sample test has restricted access through TRACKS accounts and can be accessed by all students through PantherPass.

Nontechnical Math Placement Exam

 Nontechnical math placement exam is for majors requiring College Algebra.


  • linear equations and inequalities and their graphs,
  • absolute values,
  • exponents,
  • fractional equations,
  • multiplication of polynomials,
  • factoring,
  • square roots,
  • quadratic equations,
  • exponential equations, and
  • logarithms.

Technical Math Placement Exam

The technical placement exam is for majors requiring Precalculus or Calculus I.  


  • linear equations and inequalities,
  • absolute value inequalities,
  • exponents,
  • systems of linear equations of two variables,
  • exponents and polynomials,
  • factoring,
  • rational expressions,
  • roots,
  • quadratic equations,
  • logarithms,
  • exponential functions,
  • polynomial functions,
  • graphs of functions,
  • areas and volumes,
  • angles in degrees and radians,
  • trigonometric functions,
  • trigonometric identities, and
  • inverse trigonometric functions.

How to Prepare for a Placement Exam

Math is cumulative and process driven, where skills build upon one another. In order to understand the higher level math concepts, students must digest and master Algebra skills.

Review of the material and practicing before taking a math placement exam are essential to get a sense of your strengths and/or identify lack of knowledge and skills.

External Resources for Math Placement Exam review