Transfer of J-1

An exchange visitor in any category may transfer from one J-1 program to another if the purpose of the transfer is to complete the objective for which he or she was admitted to exchange visitor status and if the exchange visitor remains within the same program category. The transfer is accomplished through the Responsible Officers of the two program sponsors and US Department of State notification through the SEVIS system.

The following procedures must be followed prior to the expiration of the current Form DS-2019 if you are sponsored by Florida Tech or are self-sponsored:

  • Inform your departmental sponsor at Florida Tech of your desire to transfer to another J-1 program sponsor in the United States and request his/her approval for the transfer. If your departmental sponsor does not agree to the transfer, then you cannot transfer to another program sponsor.
  • If your departmental sponsor agrees to the transfer, you must bring in a letter from the new sponsor which states that they approve of the transfer and that they are requesting a release of your SEVIS record to their J-1 program sponsorship. If your department has agreed to the transfer, and if International Student and Scholar Services determines that you are eligible for a transfer, your SEVIS record will be released to the new J-1 program sponsor at an agreed upon date. The new program sponsor will not be able to access your SEVIS record and will not be able to issue a transfer Form DS-2019 for you until this date has arrived. 
  • Once your SEVIS record has been released to the new J-1 program sponsor, you must meet with a program officer of the new J-1 program sponsor to obtain your transfer Form DS-2019 and to have your SEVIS record activated by the new J-1 program sponsor.

If you are sponsored by a source other than Florida Tech or self (ex: Fulbright), you must coordinate a transfer of your SEVIS DS-2019 with your sponsor.

The transfer to a new J-1 program sponsor should not be construed as the beginning of a new program of activity with a new allotment of time. You remain subject to the time limitations set for the particular category and will not be eligible for a transfer DS-2019 if the time limit has been reached.

Please contact the ISSS Office for all further questions (321-674-8053)

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