Civil Engineering Resources

The Civil Engineering program offers a variety of resources to help fund your studies and enrich your learning experience. Financial assistance for graduate students is available  through Teaching Assistantships (TA) and Research Assistantships (RA) for well-qualified graduate students, subject to department resources. 

The department also has several endowed or sponsored scholarship programs for both well-qualified undergraduate and graduate students. Some endowments or scholarships are targeted at a specific sub-discipline such as water resources; others are for any Civil Engineering field. Endowments also support student activities such as the American Society of Civil Engineers student chapter in preparing for and traveling to regional competitions. 

Florida Tech actively partners with industry in seeking and publicizing internship and co-op opportunities. Industry practitioners participate in the Civil Engineering program as guest speakers, project judges and hosts for class field trips to construction sites or supporting industries. There is a Florida Tech career fair in both the fall and spring terms where students have the opportunity to meet and potentially interview with companies seeking interns or full-time employees. Although there is no formal requirement for students to complete an internship, we strongly encourage students to do so. Usually students do internships during the summer, either in the local area or at home. Some students also work as an intern part-time during the academic year. 

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