Course Syllabi and Required Materials

Effective Date January 1, 2021

For each Florida Tech course, the instructor should select a textbook and/or identify other required materials and prepare a syllabus. The syllabus will be made available by the first day of the course and posted in the syllabus tab of Canvas. The instructor should cover all the material listed in the syllabus and use the selected textbook or other required materials.

The syllabus must contain:

  • Course code(s) (subject + number) and applicable section code(s) if multiple sections of the course(s) are scheduled, course name and semester
  • Meeting days and times
  • Meeting location(s), including physical and virtual spaces, e.g. “Zoom”
  • Instructor’s name, office location/virtual availability, Florida Tech e-mail address, office phone number if available, and office hours
  • Textbook(s) and author(s) name, and edition, if applicable and/or other required materials
  • Any training the student is required to complete (if training is required)
  • A minimum of 3 learning objectives for the course
  • A week-by-week list of subject matter to be covered in the course
  • Assignment schedule with explanation of any term papers, projects or other requirements
  • Any instructor grading policies, including at minimum submission policies, methods by which students will be evaluated and their grade determined (including late work)
    • Instructor’s attendance policy for the course (including make-up exams and late work)
  • All required university policies
    • Florida Tech Academic Honesty Statement (attached)
    • Title IX Statement (attached)
    • Information on Accommodations (attached)
    • Disclosure Statement on Recording (attached)

If the instructor cannot meet the requirements of this policy, he/she should report the expected deviations to the academic unit head/program chair at least two weeks before the beginning of the term for approval.