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Active Military Refund Policy

Uniformed services students who are deployed, mobilized, or must change their duty assignment after classes have started don't have to worry about financial penalties.

Students are considered a uniformed service student if they are on active duty in the armed forces, in the Reserves, or National Guard.

Military Activation Policy

In accordance with the “Virginia Tuition Relief, Refund, and Reinstatement Guidelines,” Florida Tech students in the uniformed services under call or order to active duty, after the beginning of a semester or summer session have two options they may consider with their academic department and Registrar’s Office in determining their enrollment status with the university:

  1. Students may withdraw from courses in which they are enrolled as of the effective date of the call or order to report to active duty. A copy of the military orders must be provided to the Office of the Registrar as documentation. When this option is selected, a credit of tuition and fees, and any pre-paid tuition, room, or board deposits, will be made to the student's account. Students will receive a pro-rated credit of dining service and housing contract charges. Financial aid awards that were credited to the student’s account will be recovered by the University in the amount of tuition and fees, dining, or housing credit. Loans used to cover the remaining charges will be subject to normal repayment procedures. For students receiving Title IV funds, financial aid recovery will be subject to requirements for return of Title IV funds to the federal government.
  2. Students may take a grade of incomplete in all courses. Students may request an incomplete grade for military deployment, mobilization, or duty changes occurring in the final four (4) weeks of the course if a reasonable expectancy that completion of the remaining work would result in a passing grade. The conditions for completing course work and receiving a regular grade should be agreed to between the student, course instructors, and head of the academic unit. A copy of the military orders must be provided to the Office of the Registrar as documentation. The deadline for removing an incomplete given based on military service is before the beginning of the seventh week of the following semester (fourth week for Florida Tech Online). This option requires joint agreement of the student and faculty member. If a joint agreement can’t be reached, students may withdraw from the course and are eligible to receive a 100% reduction of tuition charges after withdrawal is approved for classes that have been discontinued.

Please coordinate requests under the Military Activation Policy with the Office of Military Services and Registrar’s Office. Students will need to discuss their situation with the appropriate representative from their academic department in consultation with Account Management and the Office of the Registrar.  A copy of the active duty orders is required.

Regardless of the option selected above, the following provisions govern reinstatement to the University upon release or return from service in the uniformed services.  Students that have a leave of absence under the military activation policy are entitled to reinstatement, to their program of study (if available), without having to reapply for admission if they return to the University after a cumulative absence of not more than five years. Throughout the entire process, former students/students will have access to advising to determine the impact of absence from the program, to evaluate the ability to resume study, and to assess options when a program is no longer available or suitable.

Applicants to the University who have accepted an offer of admission but who have not yet registered in a degree program may defer admission for up to two years by making a request to the admissions department.

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