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Readmission Policy for Graduate Students

Effective Date Jun 23, 2008

(Graduate Policy 4.13)

A student who has been away from the university for four or more consecutive semesters (excluding summer terms) or who has attended another institution during an absence from the university must apply for readmission. A student is not considered to be absent from the university during a period of study at another institution if a Request to Study at Another Institution form was submitted and approved prior to enrollment for the other institution’s course(s). Any period during which the student is not enrolled at either Florida Tech or elsewhere in courses approved in advance by means of a Request to Study at Another Institution form, constitutes an absence and is subject to the two-year limitation.

In the case of readmission, a new program plan, conforming to the published degree requirements at the time the student’s studies are resumed, is required. The same requirement is imposed following any period of three or more years in which a student is not enrolled at Florida Tech, regardless of whether or not the student is enrolled in courses elsewhere.

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