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Graduate Certificate Programs

Effective Date Jun 23, 2008

(Graduate Policy 4.7)

Certificate programs are those programs in which students take a number of regularly offered courses for credit and for which there is a specified set of admissions and completion criteria. Students in certificate programs are not normally enrolled in a degree program. Further, courses in any certificate programs may not be taken for continuing education units (CEUs), and may not be short courses or workshops.

Academic units wishing to offer certificate programs should provide a description of those programs in the University Catalog. Once admitted, students should establish a formal program of study for the certificate. Transfer credit, under certain conditions, may be permitted.

Academic units may award certificates on behalf of the university at the completion of each student’s course of study. However, academic units must forward copies of the certificates and course lists for each student completing a certificate program to the registrar's office. The registrar will annotate the student’s permanent record to indicate completion.

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