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Undergraduates Taking Graduate Courses

Effective Date Nov 21, 2013

(Graduate Policy 4.5)

Courses for Graduate Credit

(Graduate Policy 4.5.1)

An undergraduate student who is within 24 semester credit hours of completing the requirements for a bachelor’s degree at Florida Tech, and who has a grade point average of 3.0 or better, may also enroll in graduate courses for graduate credit provided that such registration will not result in any postponement of the completion of his or her undergraduate degree requirements. Any exceptions must be approved by the student’s academic unit head and the dean of the appropriate college. Students enrolled as special undergraduate students (i.e., not degree-seeking) may also be permitted to take graduate courses for graduate credit. In such cases, the criteria delineated in graduate policy “Graduate Certificate Programs” for continuing education students will be in effect. Any special undergraduate student or continuing education student who does not hold a bachelor's degree will be permitted to take courses for graduate credit only under exceptional circumstances, and only with the approval of the head of the academic unit offering the course and the dean of the appropriate college.

Courses for Undergraduate Credit

(Graduate Policy 4.5.2)

In addition to taking graduate courses for graduate credit, undergraduate students may also be permitted to take graduate courses as electives to apply toward their bachelor's degrees, and in such cases, the requirements delineated above will not apply. However, undergraduates with grade point averages below 2.75 will be allowed to take graduate courses only under exceptional circumstances, and only with the approval of the head of the academic unit offering the course and the dean of the appropriate college.

Dual-Numbered and Bi-Level Courses

(Graduate Policy 4.5.3)

A special case arises when a course is dual-numbered, meaning that undergraduate and graduate students attending the same lectures are registered under two different course numbers. All dual-numbered courses must ensure there is a clear distinction in the syllabi between the course requirements for the undergraduate students and the requirements for the graduate students. Normally in such cases, the stipulations listed above will apply, just as if the undergraduate student were enrolled in the graduate course and regardless of any additional requirements placed on the graduate students relative to the undergraduates attending the same lectures. An exception is made in the case of bi-level courses, which are dual-numbered courses deemed by the academic unit to be equally appropriate at either the undergraduate or the graduate level, and hence suitable for enrollment by undergraduates regardless of grade point average, subject only to the usual prerequisites and similar requirements including permission of the instructor.

Bi-level courses will be so designated by the academic unit with the approval of the Graduate Council. These courses are the only courses in which students registered for graduate credit and undergraduates with averages below 2.75 may be in attendance in the same classroom without special permission. Once any dual-numbered course has been taken by an undergraduate student, the course may not be repeated in a later term for credit toward a graduate degree.

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