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Enrollment of Continuing Education Students in Graduate/Undergraduate Courses

Effective Date Jun 23, 2008

(Graduate Policy 4.4)

A continuing education student is defined as one who is not seeking a degree from Florida Tech. However, such students are welcomed in Florida Tech’s graduate courses in order to pursue additional knowledge or satisfy other objectives subject to the conditions stated below.

Continuing education students will customarily enroll for courses on the basis of receiving continuing education units (CEUs) rather than graduate credit. In some situations, however, the continuing education student may want or need to receive graduate credits rather than CEUs, and this alternative is allowable. If the student subsequently decides to pursue a degree program at Florida Tech, a maximum of 12 semester credit hours with a GPA of 3.0 or better earned as a continuing education student will be allowed to be applied toward a degree program, provided such credit hours are appropriate to the degree. The permission of the academic unit head is required for continuing education students to register for more than 12 semester credit hours.

A continuing education student must have the written approval of the academic unit head or his/her authorized representative before being permitted to enroll in any graduate course, either for credit or for CEUs. This approval should be based on a review of the student’s program needs, previous preparation and qualifications, and an assessment that the student is capable of completing all course assignments (homework, term papers, readings, etc.). Such approval must be granted for each course and may be withheld at the academic unit head’s discretion. In cases where a continuing education student registers for graduate credit, all of the restrictions and procedures stipulated in this section will apply to any student who does not have a baccalaureate degree.

A student who has been dismissed from a graduate degree program may enroll as a continuing education student to take graduate courses for CEUs only. Under no circumstances will graduate credit be permitted.

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