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Thesis/Design Project/Doctoral Research Project and Dissertation Registration in the Semester of Graduation

Effective Date: October 17, 2019

(Graduate Policy 4.10)

If the minimum required total number of such credits specified for the degree to be awarded has been met and a full three-hour registration was completed for the preceding semester, students may register for fewer than the normal number of credits in the semester of graduation for:

  • internship
  • thesis
  • design project
  • doctoral research project
  • dissertation

(Students who receive a waiver of the requirement to register for the preceding semester, or who did not pass any required oral examination (such as defense) during the preceding semester, must register for at least one hour in the semester of graduation, even if they finish prior to the end of the fourth week of the semester)

However, it is important to ensure that students are registered at all times to assure insurance coverage, maintenance of student/visa status, etc.

Therefore, all graduate students who are pursuing a degree requiring an internship/thesis/design project/doctoral research project/dissertation must register in the semester of graduation. However, such registration may be for 0, 1, 2 or 3 hours, based on the following schedule. Students must register for credits as follows:

Credit Hours RequiredTurn-in/Completion Date
0 By noon, 4th Friday of the semester (not applicable for students obtaining a waiver of the registration requirement for the preceding semester or who did not pass any required oral examination (such as defense) during the preceding semester)
1 By noon, 8th Friday of the semester 
2 By noon, 12th Friday of the semester 
3 Monday after the 12th Friday of the semester 

Turn-in Date is defined as the date on which the signed Signature Page and the archival copy are accepted by the Office of Graduate Programs.

Completion Date is defined as the date on which the academic unit accepts the Internship Report.

For deadline Fridays that fall on a day when the Office of Graduate Programs or the academic unit is closed, the deadline is moved to the following Monday. The count for the period following a holiday begins on the next normal business day when the office is open.

Students who register for too many credits in the final semester may receive a refund upon their written request and review by the director of graduate programs. They will not be assessed a drop fee when they drop thesis/design project/doctoral research project and dissertation credits that are not needed in the final semester. Students who must add credits will not be assessed a late fee. The responsibility for determining how many credits are needed to fulfill degree requirements will rest with the student and his/her advisor.

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