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School of Psychology

Clinical Neuropsychology


A clinical neuropsychology experience is available to students in the Doctor of Psychology program at Florida Tech. Clinical neuropsychology is an applied specialty within professional clinical psychology that involves the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of brain functioning. As such, clinical neuropsychologists have special expertise in the applied science of brain-behavior relationships. Many neuropsychologists perform neuropsychological assessment services in clinical settings.

Training in Clinical Neuropsychology

Training prepares students for internships and fellowships in clinical neuropsychology and involves the examination/assessment of persons with known or suspected insults to the central nervous system (to include neuropsychological assessment), consultation with families and other healthcare providers, and development/implementation of interventions for patients. Training is accomplished via coursework, practicum experiences, and empirical research opportunities.

Clinical and Research Opportunities in Clinical Neuropsychology

Florida Tech's experience in Clinical Neuropsychology offers extensive opportunities for training in geriatric neuropsychology with the East Central Florida Memory Disorder Clinic and in sports neuropsychology through the Florida Tech Sports Concussion Management Program. In addition to supervision by a neuropsychologist, students receive exposure to and education with neurological, geriatric, psychiatric medical professionals. Advanced practica are also available in at a variety of adult and child settings throughout Central Florida. Research opportunities cover applied neuropsychological research in areas such as sports concussion management and neuropsychological assessment,  as well as neuropathology and diagnostic imaging.

General Program and Clinical Neuropsychology Experience Requirements

In addition to the basic requirements of the Psy.D. program in clinical psychology at the Florida Tech, interested students complete coursework, practicum, and empirical research projects in clinical neuropsychology (see  for general program and experience requirements). Clinical neuropsychology training at Florida Tech strives to comply with the spirit and intent of the NAN Houston Conference.