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Psy.D. Student Handbooks

Practicum requirements for the PsyD program are described in the 2023-2024 PsyD Program Addendum, and general expectations for all graduate students in the School of Psychology are described in the 2022-2023 SOP Grad Handbook. All PsyD students are responsible for knowing the expectations and requirements outlined in these documents, as well as those in the Florida Tech Catalog.  This Practicum Handbook does not repeat information regarding the practicum that is provided in the primary handbooks governing the clinical PsyD program. Please review these documents to understand the clinical practicum requirements for completion of our PsyD program.

Our practicum network continually evolves. Sites are added that provide excellent training that meets our requirements for clinical experience and supervision, and others are taken out of the system for a variety of reasons. At the conclusion of each semester supervisors rate the clinical skills of our students as well as the adequacy of their professional demeanor. Also at the conclusion of each semester students rate the quality of supervision they received at the site as well as the nature and sufficiency of the clinical experience. Both of these evaluations are a part of the annual review of our network. Our sites vary widely in the people they provide care for, the problems people present for treatment, the diversity of the clients, and the nature of the site (inpatient, outpatient, primary care, mental health.)


Many of our sites require various sorts of clearances in order to work in those settings. The most complex of these is the Clearance Application for the practicum at the Brevard County Jail, so it is provided here as an example of the sorts of questions you must respond to in order to successfully secure training at some of our practicum sites. If a clearance of some sort is required by a practicum it will be noted in the practicum description. You should consult with the FIT Psy.D. Director of Clinical Training to find out how to secure any other specific clearance forms.

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