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Leadership, Workplace Safety and Stress

Leadership is an important predictor of employee performance and organizational effectiveness. The research around leadership usually focus on identifying the specific relationships between different types of leadership style and organizational outcomes. Our team focus on building and assessing specific leadership capacity in fostering and maintaining safety culture in organizations. In addition, we conduct research in leadership for improving team effectiveness in multi-team systems. Another stream of research of this team targets identifying workplace stressors and stress mitigation strategies for employees working under rapid organizational change.


  • Safety leadership development and assessment: Safety leadership simulation and situational judgment development.
  • Team coordination: multiteam system coordination within and between teams.
  • Safety culture building: adapting western culture-based safety improvement interventions into other cultures.
  • Workplace stress and safety: Identify new workplace stressors under the rapid changing work environment and their association with workplace safety
  • Employee stress under organizational change: Evidence-based theory building in employee stress under organization change

Team Philosophy

The goal of the Leadership, Workplace Safety and Stress team is to advance our knowledge in the aforementioned areas in I/O psychology. Students' participation in all stages of conducting rigorous scientific research is strongly encouraged. As a result, students’ contribution is highly valued in this team.

Team Members (in alphabetical order): Craig Christie, Hairong Jiang, Vivian, Liu, Charles Scott, Aten Zaandam

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Xinxuan "Alice" Che 

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