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Organizational Climate and Leadership Lab

Background: Leadership and climates both play important roles in organizations when it comes to influencing employee attitudes and behaviors and establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage. This lab aims to examine specific leadership styles and behaviors, their development, and their impact on organizational climate and employee attitudes and behavior as well as the development and impact of specific climates that foster positive workplace outcomes.

Our current research focuses on:

  • Leadership development
  • Measure development (e.g., inclusive leadership)
  • Leadership styles such as those that foster diversity and inclusion (D&I) workplace initiatives
  • The role of inclusion on employee perceptions and team functionality
  • Climate for inclusion – development and impact

Team Goal: To positively impact the workplace by focusing on theory-based research of substantive value and practical application. Accomplished through critical thinking, innovation, collaboration and team involvement in idea generation, research design, and implementation.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Katie Merlini 

Current members: Jesse Caylor, Anthony Belluccia, Nisha Quraishi, Lee Duong, Daniel Nguyen, Lexi Redmond, Emily Frye

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