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Information Systems And Technology

Beyond the traditional study of technology, networks, hardware, software and data management, when you study information systems at Florida Tech, you enter a multifaceted discipline. We see information systems as a field that embodies all the intellectual property, competitive intelligence, business transactions and other strategic information that facilitates knowledge in effective business operations. Our course work uses a constructivist approach, rooted in the idea that learning is richest when socially structured, building on the interactions among peers and mentors through real-world context and problem-solving. The program is geared to help you study information systems by applying the tools and techniques you learn in the classroom to the analysis of business problems across both technology (e.g., networks, databases, software or security) and business domains (e.g., banking, health care, sport management or aerospace) in a global context. As a result, you not only learn information systems, you also learn how to work in global virtual teams, how to apply well-reasoned solutions to complex and unstructured problems, and how to lead to success.

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There is a difference between knowing about something and knowing how to do it. When you study information systems at Florida Tech, you close the knowing-doing gap through hands-on experience. Our faculty are well-respected researchers and practitioners who bring their cutting-edge research into the classroom AND apply it to contemporary problems. And because classes are small, our faculty are able to act more as facilitators than lecturers. To study information systems at Florida Tech means to learn to use the tools and applications that produce relevant services within an organization and to deliver organizational performance on those services in value-added relationships with stakeholders. The result: when you graduate, you will be ready to go to work.

Students also have the option to study information technology and how it adds value to an organization. Aligning the strategies of an organization with the use of technology is key to addressing rapid-changes and innovations in the global marketplace. Students learn information technology by focusing on technological drivers that integrate business functional areas for effective and strategic decision-making. Florida Tech’s experiential learning environment, research-based enquiry, and real-world internships lead to a path of career success.
The Nathan M. Bisk College of Business unites academic aptitude and active application for students to learn information technology. You will experience firsthand what it is like to be an analyst, developer or project manager. You will learn how to make technology-based decisions with a focus on adding value as part of a lifecycle management approach. You will learn from expert faculty and participate in team projects with an emphasis on relevant real-world assignments. You will experience the use of technology in solving complex problems that typify the rapidly-changing, technology-driven environment facing organizations.
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