Outside view of Nathan M Bisk College of Business building


At Florida Tech, marketing is seen as both an art and a science. Our approach to this broad discipline is through enhanced creativity and analytical skills. As you study marketing here, you will be challenged to use logic, creativity and critical analysis to understand an organization’s ultimate goal of satisfying consumers’ needs and wants. You will study marketing through experiential learning. Participation and engagement in team competitions, case studies and hands-on projects reinforce classroom study through active participation. When you consider where to study marketing, consider the value of Florida Tech’s mentor-professors. As accomplished researchers and speakers, the marketing faculty are actively engaged scholars—deepening their understanding of this ever-changing field within the global marketplace and transferring this thought leadership to you.

As a student of marketing at Florida Tech, you will find certain values integrated throughout the curriculum. You will study guerilla marketing techniques for existing and start-up organizations, cultural differences within and across borders, corporate social responsibility and volunteerism, and leadership and critical thinking skills as a member of individual or team projects (Leadership). You will gain breadth of knowledge that is critical to organizations of various sizes. When you study marketing at Florida Tech, you can hone your decision making skills, be creative, and problem solve in a team environment. Upon graduation, you will have had the opportunity to skillfully apply analytical and creative reasoning to business operations.

Marketing cannot just be looked in terms of promotion and sales. It also must be looked at analytically. As a marketing specialist, your central role will be to serve as a facilitator of information, making the connections between business and psychology to explain consumer behavior and help management make better decisions.

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