Outside view of Nathan M Bisk College of Business building


Two students talking about their business classManagement is an area of business that incorporates aspects of business administration, organizational psychology and leadership. In business, the term typically refers to the management of:

  • a business by its owner or designated manager
  • individual employees or teams by their supervisors
  • projects, processes, systems or technologies by qualified professionals

The undergraduate programs with a direct focus on management include business administration, which provides a broad overview of the field, as well as business administration concentrations in global management and finance, information technology management, and sports management.

At Florida Tech, we believe management is best learned by students who first build a strong foundation in core business disciplines such as economics, finance, accounting and marketing, then learn to apply their knowledge using strategies unique to their field of career interest. Students who want to become highly effective managers and leaders study industry innovators, leading companies and influential individuals to develop a comprehensive understanding of the organizational strategies and tactics proven to add value to the daily operations of major corporations.

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