Holzer Health Center

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Testing

Confidential Testing, Counseling and Treatment Available


Please make an appointment to see one of our providers for a confidential consultation to discuss testing options. Testing may or may not be covered by insurance.  Please check with your insurance and provider prior to testing to understand out-of-pocket costs that may occur.

HPV vaccine:

Gardisil 9 is available at the Health Center. Insurance generally covers this vaccine  for all men and women age 9-45.  Please verify your individual insurance coverage.


Free HIV/ Hepatitis C Testing available at Holzer Health Center provided by Project Response on
2nd Monday of every month from 12PM-2PM and
4th Tuesday of the month from 4PM - 6PM
Results in 15 minutes, Single pinprick (fingerstick), No chart necessary, Completely confidential.

Free confidential HIV Testing also available Monday-Friday 8 am to 4 pm at Project Response located at 745 South Apollo Boulevard, Melbourne, FL. This test uses a fingerprick blood sample and gives results in 15 minutes! Questions? Call them at 724-1177.

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