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Holzer Health Center

Psychiatry Services

Psychiatry Services Available at the Health Center

The Holzer Health Center is available for psychiatric appointments, medication consultation and routine medication care. If you are currently taking medication and would like to continue your prescription, please bring your medical records with you to meet with one of the nurse practitioners. After a discussion and reviewing your chart we will assist you in making an appointment with the psychiatrist or one of our other providers.

Dr. Daniel Stump, a local psychiatrist, is on staff at the Health Center. Appointments are made through referrals from the nurse practitioners at Holzer Health Center, CAPS, and/or your off-campus provider. If you have student health insurance it will be charged and copay collected on the date of service. Other insurance policies will be evaluated individually.

If you are currently taking a controlled substance for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactitivity Disorder, please see our Psychiatry Services Policy

Counseling Services Available at the Student Counseling Center (CAPS)

“Feeling stressed out?  Feeling depressed, anxious, homesick?  Check out the services offered by the student counseling center:  Their center provides confidential emotional and mental health services, groups, and outreach programs.  Their website also provides a variety of self-help tools, including anonymous screenings, brochures, and helpful links on a variety of college issues.”

Stress is Hazardous to Physical Health

Physiological reactions to stress can be subtle to very distressing. Most times we don’t recognize that a physical problem is caused by being tense or upset.

Look over the following symptoms – do any of them sound familiar? Could you attribute them to stress?

Difficulty sleeping, Difficulty concentrating, Easily agitated, bad temper, restlessness, Weight changes, Worried or tired all the time, Thoughts of death or suicide, Trouble concentrating, Headache, Jaw/tooth/ear pain, Self-harm behaviors/cutting, Crying/mood swings, Eye pain, Throat burning, Racing heart, Back pain, Change in appetite, Irregular menstrual cycle, Neck and shoulder tension,Chest pain/pressure, Stomach distress, Stomach cramps, or Diarrhea

An evaluation at the Health Center can diagnosis your illness and recommend treatment.

In combination with counseling and stress reducing behaviors, you’ll be headed on the path for a great semester!

The is a great website for self help!