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Women's Health Examinations

Well Women Exams:

The Holzer Health Center offers Well Woman Screening, which include an examination and PAP smear.  Appointments are required and visits will be billed through insurance.  Most insurance companies cover 100% of the cost of this preventive service.

All women are recommended to have a pelvic examination starting at age 21 and continuing every 2-3 years thereafter for general screenings.

If you do not have insurance you can make an appointment at the Brevard County Health Department who offers a sliding scale for payment. Call 321-637-7300.

Birth Control:

The Holzer Health Center offers confidential consultations with our nurse practitioners to discuss contraception options and management. 

Patients under the age of 21 may obtain a  birth control prescription at the Holzer Health Center without a gynecology examination or PAP smear. 

Emergency Contraception (Plan B) is available at the Holzer Health Center without a prescription or consultation for a charge of $30.00. A private consultation is highly advised to determine your long term family planning needs. 


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