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School of Psychology

International I/O Psychology - Learn How the World Works

International industrial organizational psychology focuses on the complexities of operating human resource systems across national and cultural boundaries. Florida Tech is the only I/O Psychology program in the country to offer a concentration in International I/O.  The Ph.D. focuses on courses in cross-cultural theory, research design, and practice, as well as international business and cultural competencies.

In addition, students enjoy a robust international experience, interacting with our world-wide network of instructors, students, and research partners. Students do not just learn culture in the classroom; they experience it every day. From classroom experiences with students from around the world, to study and practicum abroad, the International I/O Ph.D. Program at Florida Tech provides our students with the global acumen and cultural competence to compete in a global economy.

The I/O program at Florida Tech is comprised of a diverse community of students who collaborate academically, communicating across each others' cultures to find commonalities and share unique experiences.  We believe that a strong cohort of culturally diverse students will build stronger alliances between research institutes across the world, allowing knowledge sharing, new partnerships and teamwork, more culturally salient idea generation for research, and friendship.

International Concentration Competencies

International Concentration Requirements

Institute for Cross-Cultural Management

ICCM assists global organizations by building on the lessons we learn from large-scale funded research to create state-of-the-art professional development opportunities.

Our services include the Cross-Cultural GPS 360 Degree Feedback Tool, Cross Cultural Competence and Global Leadership workshops, and custom designed training programs based on organizational needs assessment.

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