Melbourne Campus Students Taking Online Courses

General Instructions

Florida Tech Online courses are available to Melbourne Campus undergraduate students during Summer 1 and Summer 2 (8-week) terms. Interested? Here’s how:

  1. Check our 2 YR Course Projection 01.01.22 before you meet with your advisor.
  2. After the schedule is posted on PAWS (see dates below) obtain your advisor’s signature on the "Request to Register for Online Course" form.
  3. Submit the form to the Registration Center.

Key dates this year:

*Summer 1 2021: May 3 – June 27
Registration from February 24 - April 28.

*Summer 2 2021: July 5 – August 29
Schedule posted April 22, Registration deadline is June 30.

*Denotes overlap with campus semester

Important Questions and Answers about taking Online 8-week courses 

What classes will be offered?
You can see our typical course offerings.

Are online classes easier than face-to-face classes?
No. The learning objectives are the same as on-campus counterparts. The online format is challenging for some students. Discuss with your advisor whether online learning is right for you.

Who is my professor going to be?
For the online programs, you’ll register for the class, not the section. Students can locate instructor information in the course site on the Friday evening before the first day of class, when you gain access to the course.

Can I change sections?
No, sections are assigned by an automated administrative process, not through the drop/add process.

When do I get access to class?
You will have access only to the syllabus until classes officially begin. Then on Monday at 12:01am, you will gain access to the full class site.

Where do I log in for class?
 You will access your online course through your Canvas account. Click on the course and it should redirect you to the Bisk Canvas platform. Either way you access the Bisk Canvas platform you will login with your TRACKS credentials.

Where do I get my books?
Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail sent to your e-mail with instructions on how to purchase your books. They are not stocked by the Florida Tech campus bookstore.

Are there required meeting times?
Florida Tech Online classes are 100% online. There are no required meeting times, although there are assignment deadlines you must meet each week. You may also have scheduled meetings with the professor and group projects for which you’ll need to schedule study sessions.

Can I take this class from anywhere?
You need a reliable high-speed Internet connection to participate in class. You will need access to a computer, as a mobile device is not sufficient for the full class experience.

Are there on campus meeting requirements?
No, all Florida Tech Online classes are 100% online.

What if I need to take an online class in the Spring or Fall?
Under very limited circumstances, campus students may take online courses during fall and spring online terms (Fall 1 & 2, Spring 1 & 2).  You must explain why you are requesting an exception on the exception crossover "Request to Register for Online Course" form . Please submit your form to If approved, Melbourne campus tuition rates apply, in addition to the online technology fee.

Can international students take online classes?
In some cases, yes. Please check with ISSS office.

I’m in the Pro-Track program. Do I need to follow the same instructions?
Yes, please fill out the form and have your advisor sign it. Then submit it to the Registration Center. Pro-Track students take online classes as directed by their program of study, so the Spring and Fall courses are pre-approved for you.

Are there any fees required for online courses?
Yes, all Melbourne campus students will be charged a $75 technology fee for every course taken online regardless of term.

Is there a limit to how many courses I can take online?
No, the 4-class limit for Florida Tech Online classes has been removed, although students attending on visas are restricted to one online class per semester. View the updated policy.

How will the course be displayed on my transcript?
Your course will be listed in the same manner as your on-campus courses. The transcript will not indicate that the course was taken online, except through an internal code used by Florida Tech staff.

When will I receive my grade?
Grades will be available in PAWS the Wednesday after class ends.



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