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Troubleshooting Workday Access

Workday Login

1. Use of Laptop or Desktop Computer - in order to access all features of Workday, do not use a phone or tablet

2. Close any open browsers

3. Connect/Re-Connect to the "eduroam" WIFI Florida Tech network

    a. Open the network icon in the lower-right corner of your screen

    b. Search for the eduroam network

    c. Enter your TRACKS login information to access 'eduroam' if prompted

4. Open a new browser window and go to

5. Go to the Faculty and Staff Launchpad

Faculty and Staff Navigation

6. Choose the Workday Icon

Workday Icon

7. This will prompt you for your TRACKS login

8. Enter your TRACKS login information - this is your username and password for access to all university services

9. Duo will prompt to validate your login attempt

10. Once your login has been verified, you will automatically be logged into Workday

HELPFUL TIP: access Workday through your browser, not from an installed mobile application

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