Transfer Credit from International Universities

Evaluation of undergraduate transfer credit is completed in the order tuition deposits are received.

Florida Tech students requesting undergraduate transfer credit for academic work completed at an international educational institution will need the following documentation mailed directly to the Florida Tech Office of Admission or Office of the Registrar.

  1. Official transcript in native language
  2. Officially translated transcript in English
  3. Official course descriptions or syllabi in native language
  4. Officially translated course descriptions or syllabi in English
  5. Catalog information about the educational institution such as:
    • recognition/accreditation
    • governing bodies
    • length of term (semester/quarter)
    • degrees awarded and their recognition in the home country
    • cooperative agreements with other U.S. colleges/universities
    • grading key and policies
    • credits earned
    • mission statement
    • years in existence

When evaluating certain institutions, Florida Tech may require official documentation from the Ministry of Education of that country stating that the institution is recognized as being degree granting. This documentation must be mailed directly from the Ministry of Education to the Office of the Registrar. Florida Tech will initiate contact with the Ministry of Education for degree granting confirmation; however, the student may be asked to contact the Ministry of Education as well.

The evaluation of undergraduate transfer credit is produced from official academic records bearing the correct seals and duly authorized signatures from all former institutions. The Registrar's Office coordinates the process, certifies courses without respect to the major and provides notice of the official evaluation. Transcripts are considered official only when mailed directly to Florida Tech from each previously attended institution.

The application of undergraduate transfer credit to the degree program is completed by the respective academic department.

The process of certifying undergraduate transfer credit requires much time and effort on the part of a few individuals. While every effort is made to have the official certification of transfer credit completed in a timely manner, accreditation regulations allow one semester in which to complete this process. The certification of transfer credit from international institutions generally takes longer to complete than from U.S. colleges and universities.

Florida Tech reserves the right to require an independent recommendation of an international institution of higher education, performed by an agency specified by Florida Tech.

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