How to Request To Study At Another Institution

This process is for all Florida Tech undergraduate students.

Before beginning the Study at Another institution process, undergraduate students must obtain verification of transferability from the Office of the Registrar through the Transfer Credit Department at

Students requesting to student at another institution must meet all catalog policies covering transfer credits and residency requirements. 

  1. Once becoming a Florida Tech student, a maximum of three courses can be taken at another institution and applied toward any one degree.
  2. Florida Tech’s Forgiveness Policy is not applicable to transfer credits. Courses failed at Florida Tech may be retaken at another institution for transfer credit to meet a program requirement but not to remove the grade from the Florida Tech GPA.
  3. Financial aid recipients may wish to consult the Office of Financial Aid before requesting to study at another institution.
  4. International students require a signature from the Office of International Student and Scholar Services before submitting an  form.
  5. Sponsored international students require written sponsorship approval sent directly to the Office of International Student and Scholar Services

Florida Tech is processing all Request to Study forms via DocuSign. Email the following information to to begin the Request to Study Process:

  • Name
  • Student ID Number
  • Institution and term planning on attending
  • Subject Code and Course number
  • Florida Tech Advisor name
  • Florida Tech Department Head/Program Chair

If the requested course does not have an established Florida Tech equivalence, the student is to submit the course syllabus to the registrar's office to obtain a Florida Tech equivalence.

The form and approval letter will be returned to the student via email. Students made need these forms to register and/or request official transcripts from the other institution.

On completion of the approved course(s), it is the student’s responsibility to request that an official transcript is mailed from the approved institution directly to the registrar’s office.

A request for an exception to this policy must be submitted with written justification from the student and written endorsement by the faculty advisor, department head and associate dean.

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