Transfer Credit

If the courses constitute a logical part of the student's master's program, a maximum of 12 semester hours of transfer credit from regionally accredited institutions may be accepted, with the approval of the head of the appropriate academic unit and the director of graduate programs under the following conditions:

  • The courses must have been taken for graduate credit and must not have been applied previously to any undergraduate degree.
  • They must have been graded courses, and grades of at least B- or equivalent must have been earned in each course.

Graduate Study at Other Institutions

A currently enrolled student may take a limited number of courses at other institutions for transfer to a Florida Tech graduate degree program. The restrictions on graduate transfer credit listed above apply. Prior approval is mandatory. The student must complete and submit the designated form with all required signatures and written justification. A copy of the other institution's published course description(s) must be attached. The student must arrange for an official transcript to be sent by the other institution directly to the Florida Tech registrar's office.

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