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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request access?
All key requests must be made through the Access Request & Authorization Form.

Old paper key requests or requests via email will not be accepted.

Can anyone request access?
No.  All key requests must be signed by a Dean and Vice President.  Any requests not authorized by a Dean or Vice President will not be processed.

Can a department request Master Keys?
A building master is the highest available level of master key for issue.  These requests require standard authorizations (Dean and Vice President), but also require the approval endorsement of the Director of Security or Locksmith.

Can I pick up someone else’s key or card?
No. Credentials will not be released to anyone other than the individual for whom they were requested.

If I am separating from a department, what should I do with my keys/card?

When an individual in possession of credentials separates from Florida Tech, or from a department inside Florida Tech, their keys and ID cards must be returned to the Department of Security-Access Control Office within thirty (30) days.  Keys are never to be transferred or loaned, and incoming employees must adhere to the request process to obtain their own credentials.  This also includes individuals on leave from the University or those transferring to a different department.

What do I do if I lose my card?
Contact Florida Tech Department of Security (FTDOS) immediately to deactivate card; a new card may need to be assigned by Security.

What do I do if I lose my key(s)?
The loss or theft of a key must immediately be reported to the FTDOS and to the immediate supervisor or administrative official with responsibility for the department.

An incident report will be completed and an investigation conducted. Based on the results of the investigation, a determination will be made by Security if rekeying is necessary.

Replacement of lost or stolen keys requires a request through our Access Request & Authorization Form with the FTDOS dispatch/incident number noted. Please note, if a request for a replacement key is submitted without the FTDOS dispatch/incident number, the request will be denied.

If missing key is found, please notify Security immediately!

If I lose my key, does my department need to rekey the office?
The FTDOS will work with the department to assess the risk and determine if it is necessary to re-key the facility to restore its security. Depending on the circumstances, the department which authorized the missing key may be responsible for the cost of the new cores and keys.

Our department is relocating and/or acquiring additional space. What steps do I need to take in order to get keys to the new space?
Contact the FTDOS to schedule an area assessment for rekeying.

Can I borrow keys or cards from my coworkers?
No. Keys and cards are never to be loaned, transferred, or duplicated.  Furthermore, credentials issued by Security are assigned to an individual’s 900# and are considered their personal responsibility.  Requests for additional keys or cards may be submitted on our website through the Access Request & Authorization Form.

Why was my request denied?
Requests may be denied for several reasons: Non-existent room number, incorrect ID number and/or user not in the system, or missing authorizations/signature. If we deny your request, you will receive an email with why this request was denied.

Can I request a hard key for a door with card swipe access?
No. Bypass keys are not issued to any doors with electronic card readers, keypads, or other access control systems.

Do I call Security to grant access to Housing and Residence Life?
No. Housing and Residence Life handle their own swipe card access requests.

My electronic locks run on a schedule – How can I request my office suite to be locked temporarily due to a special event or training? Contact the Access Control Office at (321) 674-6832 to manually override any scheduled door lock/unlock events.

I was granted door access to a door which requires a PIN to access the area, but I don’t know my PIN.

Stop by at FTDOS Access Control Office, which is located at 3126 Panther Place, during working hours, Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm to reset your PIN.

Who do I contact if my card access does not work?
Contact the FTDOS Access Control Office, which is located at 3126 Panther Place, during working hours, Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm at (321) 674-6832. Outside of normal business hours, you may call Security Dispatch at (321) 674-8112.

How do I report door access issues after business hours or when the campus is closed?
Contact Security Dispatch at (321) 674-8112.


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