Security Building
Important Contacts

We hope that by offering this safety information we will increase your personal awareness and improve our campus environment.

Department of SecurityPhone Number
EMERGENCIES (321) 674-8111
NON-Emergency (321) 674-8112
Local Police 911 or (321) 608-6731
Florida Tech Student ServicesPhone Number
Dean of Students (321) 674-8080
Associate Dean and Director of Residence Life (321) 674-8095
Student Counseling Center (on campus) (321) 674-8050
General InformationPhone Number
State Attorney's Office (321) 952-4617
Melbourne Women's Center (321) 242-1526

Coordination With State And Local Emergency Service Providers

Florida Tech has a working agreement with the City of Melbourne that when emergency services are requested, or a determination is made that a need exists, the City of Melbourne will be the primary emergency service responder. This includes police, fire, and medical services. In the event additional services are needed, Brevard County and/or the State of Florida emergency services divisions will assist when requested by the City of Melbourne.  Florida Tech endeavors to work with and support these local and state emergency providers by assisting when and where needed. This includes all investigations of criminal incidents occurring on or off campus when faculty, staff, or students may be involved.

Information on Registered Sexual Offenders can be found on the FDLE website.

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