Security Building

Parking Ticket Appeal Process

Traffic citations issued by the Department of Security are presumed to be valid unless proven otherwise. 

Any student, faculty or staff wishing to appeal a parking citation must submit a completed Appeal Form, along with an attached copy of the actual parking ticket. Appeals must be done within three (3) business days of the issuance of the citation.  Appeals will NOT be accepted after the 3-day period.

Appeals will not be accepted for failure to have a valid decal or improperly displayed decal.

Appeals must be for reasons other than disagreement over the rule being enforced.

The Appeals Committee has final decision-making authority regarding appeals. This committee is comprised of students, faculty, and university staff.  The members of this board change yearly.  All appeals must be submitted by email.  All decisions rendered by the Appeals Committee will be sent via e-mail to the individual's Florida Tech email address who submitted the appeal.

If the Appeals Board declines to waive the appeal, a $10 processing fee will be added to the ticket fine. 

All Decisions Rendered By The Appeals Committee Are FINAL; No Further Appeal Is Possible.


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