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Instructions for Annual Student Parking Registration

Log in to the parking permit registration system using your TRACKS account. On the final screen of registration, you will be prompted to pay upfront using your credit or debit card payment information, or to elect to pay in person later. Parking permit registration is a once per year annual process for all students who park their vehicle(s) on campus.

How to Register

Once you login to the system, complete the forms. To do so, you must be able to provide all of the following information: 

  • License Plate Number (we recommend taking a picture of your vehicle tag number)
  • Vehicle Make and Model  (e.g. Ford Mustang)
  • Vehicle Year
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Confirmed Local Address (know your dorm building name, or off-campus address)

Please note that the parking registration process is not complete until you receive two confirmation emails. One email confirms registration; the second indicates successful payment, which you will receive whether you pay upfront or pay in person later.

Once you have registered once, your vehicle information will be stored and available for renewal and/or updates annually.

Update Your Personal Information

A critical part of the registration process will be ensuring your mobile phone number and address are accurate in PAWS, under the "Personal Information" tab. If your vehicle is moved or towed, campus security will use your current mobile phone number on file in PAWS. Please pay special attention to the “Make Corrections to Address and Phone Number” link on the second screen of registration.

  1. Login in to PAWS.
  2. Click on “Personal Information” Button.
  3. Click on “Update Addresses and Phones” Button
  4. Under "Phones", click on "Primary" (in red) to the right of your Permanent Address.   (Do NOT click the "Type of Address to Insert" dropdown.)
  5. Locate the "Primary Phone Number For This Address" section in the middle of the page, and input your area code and phone number.
  6. Press the Submit button to save your changes. You will receive a "change of address notification" email if your update was successful.

Please note:

  • If you make updates, you can immediately proceed with the registration process by selecting "Continue" to enter your vehicle details and make payment.
  • All revisions to your contact information will not instantly display and may take up to 1 hour to become live.
  • Your contact information may continue to show as incomplete in the registration system, but that will not prevent your ability to fully complete your registration.

TRACKS ID and Password Help

If you need help with your TRACKS account to access the parking registration site, please contact the Technology Support Center at 321-674-7284 or

Parking Permit Pick-Up

You must register your vehicle(s) before arriving to pick up your decal, even if you intend to pay in person. We do not offer in-person registration.

Information for New Students

New students attending orientation who register for parking and prepay online before Aug. 11 can pick up their parking stickers during Orientation.

Students who do not prepay may pay in person and pick up their parking decal at the cashier's office on the first floor of Harris Commons during regular office hours from Wed., Aug. 14 through Fri., Sept. 6.