Welcome To The Department Of Mathematical Sciences


The mission of the Department of Mathematical Sciences is to create and maintain a culture of excellence in teaching and research, with the goal of setting the stage for research based and innovative pedagogies that foster student engagement, learning, and success and that nurture the integration of ideas and open new avenues for interdisciplinary research to prepare the next generation of mathematicians and educators for tackling the pressing issues society faces both today and in the decades to come.

Department Head

Gnana Bhaskar Tenali, Ph.D.

Email: gtenali@fit.edu 


Program Chair - Applied Mathematics 

Jian Du, Ph.D.

Email: jdu@Fit.Edu

Program Chair - Operations Research 

Munevver Mine Subasi, Ph.D.

Email: msubasi@fit.edu 

Mine Subasi


Program Chair - Education & Interdisciplinary Sciences

Tom Marcinkowski, Ph.D.

Email: marcinko@fit.edu