Fall Payment Information

The current tuition charges may also be found on the tuition and fees page and through Student Financial Services.

Students are assessed tuition and fees based on the locations and programs in which they are enrolled and the degrees being pursued. Students enrolled and pursuing degrees on the Melbourne campus are assessed the Melbourne tuition and fees.

Students enrolled and pursuing degrees through off-site education centers are assessed tuition and fees for the education center. Students enrolled in programs and pursuing degrees as part of a partnership arrangement with another entity are assessed the tuition and fees approved by the partnership.

Beginning with the second week of classes, all tuition and fees must be paid before the late registration can be processed in the Registration Center (signed Change in Registration Status form required).

  • Fall 2024 registration for returning students begins April 7, 2024, at 8pm. Any returning student who registers after August 19, 2024, is subject to a late registration fee.
  • New students are exempt from late registration fees.
  • All returning graduate students are required to register by August 19, 2024, if they wish to avoid the late registration fee. GSA applicants should not wait for a GSA contract confirmation before registering.
  • Students who register after August 12, 2024, and either do not pay by close of business or make payment plan arrangements to pay the balance on their account, will be charged a 1.5% per month finance charge on the unpaid balance.
  • Students avoid finance charges if they pay all fees by August 12, 2024, or on the same day as registration.
  • Inquiries about payment or arranging for payment should be directed to the Office of Account Management, 321-674-7428, toll-free in the U.S. at 800-676-9250, or online via Access Florida Tech (Tracks ID and password needed).
  • All students who carry an unpaid balance must pay the balance before being allowed to register for a subsequent term.
  • Additional information about student financial services may be found online.
  • Payment may be made online via Access Florida Tech (Tracks ID and password needed), in person or by mail.
  • Students must re-register if their class schedules are canceled for nonpayment or failure to make arrangements for payment of tuition and fees. Class seats are not held when a schedule is canceled.
  • Students who attend class, reside in residence halls and participate in a meal plan without a validated registration will be liable for the full semester’s charges.
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