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Bomb Threats

The following information is being provided as a precautionary measure in the rare event that a bomb threat is received.

Working as a team is the best bet to obtain information about the caller and provide a safe work environment.

Bomb threats are threats usually delivered by phone but can and have been delivered via mail, notes left at the scene, email and even given in person. 

In the majority of cases, bomb threats are designed to disrupt everyday operations and do not result in bombs being found.  Most rationale for making the threats are revenge, or the “I will make life miserable for you” scenario.  However, no one can take these calls for granted and they must be taken seriously.

Historically, individuals who want to cause the most damage do not make prewarning notifications to ensure greater damage from the device.

What Should You Do If You Receive A Bomb Threat Phone Call?

Attached to this procedure is a bomb threat report form.  It will give you lists of things to listen for when conversing with the caller.  The longer you are able to keep the caller on the phone the more information you will obtain and the more you will find out about the caller.  Generally, the call only lasts about 10 to 15 seconds unless you keep them on the phone.

  • As soon as the call comes in notify someone there is a threat.
  • Use the checklist to ask questions or to note items on the report form.
  • Keep the caller on the phone asking all the questions on the list.
  • Have someone notify the Department of Security at ext. 8111, or 321-674-8111.

The Department of Security will arrive after Melbourne Police are notified. A search will ensue in and around the area. At this time a determination will be made to evacuate the area.

Should an evacuation be ordered, all occupants should meet outside and stand no closer than 300 yards from the building (A football field away).   When the building is cleared, officers will advise you that it is okay to reenter the building.

Mail Bombs/Mail Threats

Public awareness of the existence of mail bombs has increased. Mailroom personnel and material handling personnel at Shipping and Receiving should be cognizant of the types of mail normally received and be aware of the following:

  • Mail bombs come is all sizes, shapes and colors
  • Textures may be lopsided or feel bulkier than normal
  • Excessive amount of postage may be attached to ensure delivery
  • There is no return address
  • The front of the package may be labeled “Personal” or, "Deliver to addressee only”
  • Homemade labels
  • Distorted or foreign writing is present
  • Several types of tape are used to secure the package

If Suspicious Mail Is Received And Its Contents Cannot Be Verified:

  • Do not open the item.
  • Isolate the package or mail.
  • Ask all employees to leave area until the package is determined to be safe or removed.
  • Call the Department of Security at ext. 8111, 321-674-8111 immediately.
  • Never shake the item, open it or place in water.

Bomb Threat Info Sheet

Bomb Threat Report

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