Caring adult therapist with child patient.

Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analysis Programs & Opportunities

Behavior analysis makes a difference. It is the science behind why people do what they do. When you earn a degree or continue your training in the field of behavior analysis at Florida Tech, you enhance your ability to help children, families, organizations and your community navigate the world with comfort, confidence and success.

Behavior analysis is one of Florida Tech's signature strengths. We are proud of our graduates and continuing students, whose successes have helped Florida Tech earn worldwide acclaim as a premier provider of behavior analysis education and training.


About Behavior Analysis at Florida Tech

The School of Behavior Analysis is an academic subunit of the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts at Florida Tech. As such, it oversees the rigor and quality of all behavior analysis degree and academic certificate programs offered by the university. Florida Tech Continuing Education is an administrative unit of Florida Tech, designed to meet the needs of learners who wish to pursue professional development and/or continuing education credits (CEs) in behavior analysis, so they can enhance their skills and certify their talent. Continuing education coursework and training is designed, developed and delivered in partnership with ABA Technologies.

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