Campus Building Closeup

Signage and Wayfinding

University signage guidelines seek to enhance campus wayfinding, optimize readability, reduce clutter, establish an information hierarchy, use resources wisely and support the campus aesthetic.

Campus branding is achieved through a number of tactics beyond placement of the university logo. In our efforts to create a sense of place and achieve our overall wayfinding goals, the university logo is used strategically on signage as follows. 

The university logo is used on:

  • Monument signage
  • Post and panel signage
  • As needed to identify off-campus properties

If desired, but not required, the university logo or a subunit logo may be used on window vinyl for office doors.

The university logo is not used on:

  • Wall signage
  • Office nameplates and room numbers
  • Wall-mounted exterior signage on campus buildings
  • Fixtures and equipment (such as paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, toilet paper holders, etc.)

Graphic Identity of Signage

Post and panel signage

Image of a campus post and panel sign layout

  • White background between gray metal poles
  • Sans serif lettering, using initial caps
  • Tagline logo, centered, at the bottom of the panel

Wall signage

Example of campus wall signage

  • White acrylic background
  • Sans serif lettering, using initial caps, room number in Crimson, office name in black
  • No other graphics

On-building lettering

Photo of the building lettering on L3Harris Commons

  • Sans serif lettering, using all caps
  • Engraved lettering may be used where architecturally appropriate
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