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Summer Camp Websites And Marketing

Here are some self-serve resources and guidelines to help you start your camp, set up your camp website and registration form(s), and promote your camp to the Brevard County community and beyond.

Camps Homepage and Marketing

Florida Tech maintains a Florida Tech Summer Camps page on the university website. This provides general information about Florida Tech summer camps as well as links to get on the summer camp mailing list and visit the external camps menu and registration website.

So that the university's summer camp advertising budget benefits all camps equally, all summer camp promotions direct people to this landing page. This helps us to build our mailing list, which is our most valuable camps marketing asset, and to showcase all the camps Florida Tech has to offer the families that indicate interest.

Individual Camp Webpages

Florida Tech has partnered with ARMS Camps to provide user-friendly, robust camp website development and registration tools to staff and faculty members who run or plan to run summer camps on campus. All individual camp information and registration pages are now hosted on the ARMS platform.

ARMS Features:

  • Excellent on-demand customer support
  • Customize offerings by type, dates and times, levels, etc.
  • Email all registrants
  • Data and analytics (reporting)

If you are running a Florida Tech summer camp, you must utilize the ARMS platform for registration. Camp registration websites are no longer hosted on the website or directly serviced by the marketing office.

Existing Camp Registration Websites

To update your existing camp website for the current year, please login to ARMS and use the ARMS camp software to create a new camp in the system. If you have questions or issues please contact an ARMS representative at

If you run into any issues, please reach out directly to

New Camp Registration Websites

First time offering a summer camp? To initiate the creation of a website and registration form for your Florida Tech summer camp, reach out to directly. A member of the web or marketing team will help you initiate the process of setting up a new camp registration website through ARMS.

This should be done only after your camp has been approved by your supervisor and set up through Conferences and Events.

Preparing for the Process

There are some things you will need to know about your camp in order to build your camp website:

  • Camp name, dates, description and details
  • Target age group
  • Capacity
  • First and last names and bios of camp leaders/staff
  • Camp location/street address
  • Contact person's name, email, phone
  • Refund policy
  • Frequently asked questions and answers
  • Social media accounts
  • Photos you'd like to use
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