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What is Staffbase?

Staffbase (formerly Bananatag) is a system for sending internal communications that allows us to build attractive, brand-compliant, templates and track performance for emails to students, faculty and staff. Staffbase communications are typically distributed via Email Lists.

Web Services can work with you to create templates for general messages or more customized templates for your special events. 

Get Started

To get started using Staffbase, please submit a service request using the Email Project option.

Submit a Service Request

Using Staffbase

It’s easy to create and send emails using Staffbase. Your email will look great and follow accessibility best practices, and Staffbase will even show you how many times your email is opened or links in the email are clicked.

Best Practices

We frequently encounter emails that use one image for the entire email instead of properly formatted text and images. This is generally not a good practice. Some email clients won’t load images, some might filter out emails like this altogether and when images do load, quality is often noticeably reduced from the original source. Images of text also present an accessibility issue because it is not possible for screen readers or other assistive technologies to navigate the information in the image.


Sending Emails From The Web 

Example window for how to send an email in Staffbase

  1. Open your list of Email Designer Drafts
  2. Click "Send or Schedule"
  3. Add a subject line for the email
  4. Select the distribution list **
    • Main Campus [Faculty, Staff and Students]
    • Students [Main Campus Only]
    • Staff
    • Faculty
    • Faculty & Staff
    • All Students [Main Campus, Ed Centers, Online]
  5. You can send the email immediately or schedule it to send at another date
    • To send the email immediately, click Send Now
    • To schedule the email to send at another time
      • Click schedule in schedule send. The schedule email dialog will open
      • Select a date and click confirm
      • Click save schedule

Optional Steps

  • Display Email
    • If you have Alias emails (i.e. you can select them from the Display Email dropdown.
    • Alias Emails will need to be setup by Web Services and assigned in Staffbase.
  • Display Name
    • You can change what name will show as the sender. This could be used to send with your personal Florida Tech email but have the name display as Campus Events
  • Change Reply email
    • Use this setting to change what email will be in the To field, when a recipient his Reply. For example, if you send a newsletter and do not want replies, you could set the Reply email to
  • Block auto-replies to this email
    • This feature will stop auto-replies from being sent to you if a recipient has an away or out of office message set.


Distribution Lists

For general campus sending the following distribution lists have been setup and shared with all groups in Staffbase.

  • Main Campus [Faculty, Staff and Students]
  • Students [Main Campus Only]
  • Staff
  • Faculty
  • Faculty & Staff
  • All Students [Main Campus, Ed Centers, Online]

Example window of filtering users for a custom distribution list in Staffbase

Staffbase offers the ability to create and upload custom distribution lists. The preferred method for creating a custom distribution list is to create filters to select the individuals you would like to contact. If you need assistance creating a new distribution list please contact

**Please note: Staffbase is for internal use only. Only email addresses are to be added to distribution lists.


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