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Website refers to any and all official domains and subdomains registered, maintained and operated by Florida Institute of Technology. This includes all sites, pages and content located at and within its various subdomains, which follow the standard https://[name]

Content Management and Compliance

The Website is maintained and managed collaboratively by the offices of University Marketing and Enterprise Systems (IT), with ultimate oversight of the design and content being held by the CMO, and oversight of backend systems and supporting technologies being held by the CIO.

The Website is intended and designed to serve the entire Florida Tech community by providing accurate, authentic, informational, educational and engaging news, information and content. Design and development resources are allocated and administered in accordance with the following priorities:

  1. Mission-critical systems and information
  2. Marketing and communications in direct support of the university’s branding, reputation, and enrollment goals
  3. General university operations and information

University Marketing is responsible for making decisions on behalf of the university regarding information architecture, usability, design, technical structure, and strategy for the official university Website. These decisions are made with consideration of current usability models and best practices, information architecture standards, analytics data, the university’s mission and goals, guidance from university leadership, and input from the university’s constituents.

Every web page on the Florida Tech Website represents not only a specific department, but all of Florida Tech. Therefore, all pages should be professional and consistent with the rest of the Florida Tech Website.


The Florida Tech Website must:

  • Adhere to Florida Tech’s visual identity and brand guidelines.
  • Abide by U.S. and international copyright law (including guidelines for fair use), and it must comply with local, state, and federal laws.
  • Meet the online requirements as set forth by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
  • Be compliant with Title IX and all other applicable laws governing higher education administration. Additionally, it must adhere to the university’s policy of non-discrimination.
  • Be consistently revised and enhanced in accordance with the best practices for web design and communication as outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Comply with W3C current CSS and HTML specification standards and best practices.

Content Management System

The university uses TerminalFour as its official, primary content management system (CMS). The university also uses Wordpress to manage a select number of sites, including, and maintains a few code-only sites.

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