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New Websites

New, or substantially redesigned, official university websites must be created and approved by University Marketing & Web Services in adherence to official university policies. Websites must be housed in an authorized content management system and utilize branded templates and approved elements provided by Web Services.

The timeline to build and launch a new website varies based on project needs, content availability and ongoing projects at the time of the request. When a new website is requested the Web Services team will reach out to discuss your project, establish a timeline and outline responsibilities.  Any responsibilities or deadlines missed will cause the timeline to be adjusted appropriately. 


Content must be provided by the requesting party before a new website will be created or access will be granted. New websites will not be published with incomplete content or "under construction" messages.

Web Services can provide examples of content types and templates that are available and provide recommendations to assist the content management team in developing their website content. 


To avoid Website bloat and the associated, unnecessary costs that may be imposed by TerminalFour as a result, University Marketing may limit the number of web pages that a department may have for its website. At its discretion, University Marketing may combine, edit or otherwise alter the content of departmental web pages in order to reduce overall Website size. University Marketing will consult with the appropriate Content Manager before making such changes; however, the final decision resides with University Marketing. Every effort will be made to ensure that no informational integrity is lost as a result of website size adjustments.

Faculty Websites (Research Centers & Labs)

In support of the academic mission of the university, full-time faculty members, with the approval of the appropriate dean or content management team administrator, are entitled to space on the Website for their research center, group and laboratory websites.

To initiate the process of creating a new research center or laboratory website, faculty members must submit a Web Services request. Once a faculty website has been created, the faculty member is responsible for maintaining and updating the site. While faculty may maintain control over the academic substance and content of their site(s), they must comply with university policies and Web Design and Content Standards. 

Faculty may not establish websites for Florida Tech-related activities or groups using external services; they must work with the Marketing and Web teams to establish websites on Florida Tech servers, using Florida Tech's dedicated content management system, Terminal Four.

Student Organization Websites

Students who wish to maintain web-accessible information in support of their clubs and organizations must use Orgsync, the designated content management system for student organizations. Student organizations are not typically given space in TerminalFour. For more information please contact Student Affairs.

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