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Become a Florida Tech Brand Champion with Advocacy

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy (by Sprout Social) is a social celebration platform through which members of the Florida Tech community—like you!—can simply and easily champion all the good news about Florida Tech and its amazing community.

Think of it as a way for you, our esteemed faculty and staff, to share the remarkable content, achievements and values of Florida Tech within your personal and professional networks. Quality over quantity is the name of the game here. It’s about genuine engagement and meaningful connections.

Not only does this program make it incredibly easy for you to spread the good news about Florida Tech on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter; it also provides tools to track your engagement, so you can see the impact you make. There's even a leaderboard to help us monitor our top contributorsand Marketing will be offering prizes to our most active participants!

Your participation in Advocacy plays a pivotal role in amplifying Florida Tech’s brand presence and ensuring our mission reaches an even wider audience. It also elevates your office's or department's reach, resonance and impact. We hope you will get involved in this exciting endeavor.

Benefits to You As a Participant

Sure, participating in Advocacy is a little bit of work. So you probably want to know what's in it for you. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Personal Branding: Posting enthusiastic, well-crafted content about your workplace on social media (especially LinkedIn), will teach your audience that you care about what you do and how to do it well. This can elevate your reputation among current colleagues and even future employers!
  • Make New Connections: Being more active on social media can help you expand your network and build relationships with vendors, services, peers, mentors, employers, consultants, agencies and employers!
  • Discover Opportunities: More connections inevitably leads to new opportunities. Being more professional active on social media can introduce you to more people, products and services that can help you in your job and career!
  • Feel Good: You can always feel good about sharing good content with your friends and colleagues, especially when it resonates with them. Once something you post gets a lot of likes or comments, you'll see! 
  • Helping Florida Tech Helps You: Your advocacy can absolutely help Florida Tech expand its reach and advance its reputation, which in turn can positively impact brand awareness, enrollment, rankings and even giving. Success in these areas usually means greater overall success for the university, and we all know that can directly benefit our teams.
  • Have Fun: Social media should be fun. Have fun personalizing your posts. Have fun seeing your rank in the leaderboard rise. Have fun doing good for Florida Tech! We promise to make it fun!

Types of Content We'll Provide for You to Share

Our primary goal is to provide participants with content that you will be happy and proud to share with your personal and/or professional networks.

  • University accolades and important announcements
  • Faculty news and research stories
  • Student and alumni success stories
  • Fun content that helps illustrate the Florida Tech story (pictures, videos, features, etc.)

Advocacy Social Media Platforms

Getting Started

How to Share Content

  1. Click ‘My Feed’ on the top left.
  2. Click the article you want to share.
  3. Click the social media platform you want to share on, and select your “Message Idea.”
  4. You can also schedule the post you’d like to share by choosing the day/time and selecting “Schedule.”

Message Ideas (captions)

You’ll find that the university provides a selection of prewritten suggested captions for you to choose from. These captions serve as ready-to-go messages to accompany your social media posts. Feel free to further personalize your captions, but remember to adhere to the university’s social media policy when representing Florida Tech.

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