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Avatar Guidelines

These guidelines help followers of Florida Tech social media platforms easily recognize accounts that are officially associated with the university.

University accounts - Logo

Primary university accounts managed by the Office of Marketing & Communications use the Florida Tech logo on a white background.

Social media avatar for primary university accounts

Academic Accounts - Crimson lockup

Academic units (colleges, schools and departments) should use the crimson lockup with the area or discipline of focus spelled out in large bold letters encircled by a gold orbit and star. Avoid using acronyms for college or department names. For maximum readability on small screens, words such as “College of,” "School of" or "Department of" are omitted from avatar text, though they may be in the username/handle. Additionally, the Florida Tech logo or wordmark is not used in this lockup. To indicate association with the university, the words "Florida Tech" should be included in the username/handle, which will appear next to every post and comment.

Submit a service request to Creative Services for design assistance with crimson lockup avatars.

 Social media avatar for colleges and departments

Office Accounts - Photo avatar

Non-academic campus units that primarily focus on student life, activities and services should select an image of a person/people, place/building or thing/object that is resonate and relatable. Below are some examples of what a photo avatar might look like. Avoid placing text over photos as it is often too small to read on mobile devices. To indicate association with the university, "Florida Tech" should be included in the username, which will appear next to every post and comment made by the account.

 Social media avatar image showing airplane in flight     Social media avatar image showing Commons building    Social media avatar image showing musicians

General Policies

  • Do not use the university logo in your avatar. It is reserved for the main Florida Tech social media channels, which are understood to represent the university in an official capacity.
  • Do not use a subunit logo as an avatar as these are too small to read on mobile screens.
  • Avoid acronyms in avatar text (e.g., use Aeronautics, not COA).
  • If a campus unit already has a circular spirit mark, that mark is acceptable for avatar use. Any new avatar requests must follow the guidelines above.
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