Separation/Readmission of Students for Health

Effective Date Aug 1, 2010

Separation/Readmission of Students for Reasons of Health

Florida Tech reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student whose physical, psychological or emotional health renders him or her incapable of either meeting minimal standards of academic performance or making the social adjustment necessary for the exercise of competent citizenship. When a student’s physical or psychological health a) renders him or her incapable of participating successfully in the educational program of the university, or b) poses a danger to the student or to the person or property of another, then the student may be separated or requested to withdraw or some other modification of his or her student status may be made.

The following are detailed examples of some of the students to whom this policy applies:

  1. Students who are deemed to be a danger to themselves or others. Danger to self or others includes any danger of suicide, self-mutilation, accident or assault substantially above normal limits that necessitates unusual measures to monitor, supervise, treat, protect or restrain the student to ensure his or her safety and the safety of those around the student.
  2. Students whose behavior is disruptive to others. Disruptive includes behavior that causes emotional, psychological or physical distress to fellow students or staff substantially above that normally experienced in daily life. Such disruption may be in the form of severe distress associated with one or more behavioral incidents, or somewhat less severe, but persistent distress over a more extended period.
  3. Students who refuse to cooperate with recommended assessment or treatment and whose physical or psychological disorder is likely to deteriorate to the point of permanent disability, disfigurement, impairment or dysfunction without such assessment or treatment. Where standard assessment is impossible because of the student’s resistance, indirect behavioral observations will constitute the basis for such judgment.
  4. Students whose physical or psychological disorder is of sufficient severity to substantially exceed the normal limits of the university’s or locally available treatment resources and whose condition will deteriorate (as in 3 above) without additional resources.

Health Review Committee

The Health Review Committee is composed of the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services, the Director of the Health Center, the Dean of Students, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Chief of Security, Assistant Director of the Academic Support Center, and the university's Risk Manager. In the absence of any principal, a designee may be appointed to serve in the deliberations of the committee. The resources of other university faculty or staff may be requested by the committee as appropriate to its mission.

Guidelines for Health Review Committee

Usually, a student is referred to the Health Review Committee for reasons of health that have a bearing on his or her student status. Referrals are initiated by the action of the Dean of Students or designee or, in extenuating circumstances, by the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services and/or Director of Health Center. Assessments including psychological testing, medical examination, or a referral for psychiatric or medical consultation may be required.

The committee will receive all medical, psychological or observational reports submitted with regard to or on behalf of the student as may pertain to determining health status. Treatment and evaluative reports should include information pertaining to diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.

Recommendations as to case disposition with regard to withdrawal or readmission, or both, for reasons of health, are made to the Dean of Students. The student is advised of the recommendation made and the reasons for it. The findings submitted to the Dean of Students are held in confidence and are not entered on the student’s academic record.

Guidelines for Withdrawal

The Dean of Students or designee should be notified whenever a student appears to have a serious physical, psychological or emotional disorder that offers reasonable cause to believe he or she may be a danger to self or others or may disrupt proper activities of the university community and its members, or maybe unable to look after his or her affairs adequately. For students who are actively participating in mental health interventions through Florida Tech’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), communication with the Dean of Students regarding this matter will be at the discretion of the CAPS Director. Notification will generally occur with the student’s permission.

The Dean of Students will coordinate contact with the student and seek voluntary resolution of the situation through investigation and consultation. Depending on circumstances, an immediate professional assessment of the student’s condition by the appropriate medical or mental health specialists, or both, of the university or other appropriate resources, may be required.

When conditions allow for the full investigation and appraisal of the student’s health status, resolution of the situation will be sought with the student’s cooperation, if at all possible. Voluntary withdrawals are encouraged to maximize the participation of the student, or his or her family. If a student declines voluntary withdrawal, he or she may be separated without consent (which action will be recorded for course credit purposes as a withdrawal) by the action of the Dean of Students.

Students who are separated from the university for reasons of health as elaborated above will be on leave of absence until such time as the student becomes able to resume activities as a student (see guidelines for readmission). At the time of the student's withdrawal, a health hold will be placed on the student's account.

Students who withdraw or are separated for reasons of health are eligible for tuition, housing and/or dining service refund of charges in accordance with existing university policy. The student will be notified of the refund determination. The refund policy may be found online in the "Schedule of Classes."

Guidelines for Readmission

Authorization to resume active student status may be granted by the Dean of Students after consideration of the individual’s progress and current condition.

Ordinarily, when a student wishes to resume his or her studies, the Dean of Students should be notified in advance of the desired period of readmission.

Eligibility for readmission will be contingent on completion of the Re-enrollment Questionnaire form from a treatment resource, assessment, and recommendation by the Health Review Committee and other information as may be needed for final determination by the Dean of Students.

Readmission may include stipulations concerning credit hours registered, extracurricular activities, place of residence or other conditions as may be judged to be in the best interest of the student and the university. Failure of the student to cooperate in these procedures governing withdrawal and reinstatement is grounds for continued or renewal of separation of students.