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Sharing documents on the website should be avoided. Sharing content on a webpage instead of in a document is better for usability, accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO).

PDFs and other documents can be a convenient way to deliver certain forms, information and printable materials through the website but they can be a challenge to make accessible.

Best Practices

First, consider whether it is necessary to link to a file. Whenever possible create content on a webpage instead of sharing a document.

Documents that are shared digitally must be accessible.

Ensure PDF documents are tagged and have accessible structure.

Only share documents that are appropriate for the general public or are legally required to be visible on the website.

Avoid linking directly to documents on other organizations’ websites. Instead, link to the page or website where the document is available.

Creating Accessible Documents

Remember, an accessible document is not a substitute for quality web content. Creating an accessible webpage in most cases will be faster and easier than creating an accessible document.

Creative Services can incorporate accessibility into your digital document project from the start. Be sure to include the need for accessibility in your service request. 

Resources for creating accessible documents

Any documents you share digitally must be accessible. Use the following links to learn more about incorporating accessibility with popular authoring tools.

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