Graduate Assistantships And Fellowships

Florida Tech proudly makes substantial assistantship and fellowship funds available to highly qualified graduate students on a case-by-case basis. There is no additional requirement beyond the application for admission to be considered for available scholarships. For graduate assistantships, however, applicants must complete and submit the Assistantship Application. 

Graduate Assistantships 

Well-qualified students offered admission to a Florida Tech master's or doctoral program at the Melbourne, Florida campus may be eligible for a graduate assistantship. Typically, graduate assistantships provide students with a wage, tuition-waiver, or both, in exchange for teaching or research assistance.

International students are eligible for graduate assistantships in some academic units. English language proficiency requirements for graduate assistantships apply.

Interested students must complete an Assistantship Application and submit it directly to the Office of Graduate Admission by Jan. 15.

Visit the Graduate Student Assistantships Office for more detailed information.

Doctoral Graduate Research Assistant Tuition Scholarship (DGRATS) Program

Full tuition scholarship assistance is available for graduate research assistants working toward a doctoral degree through the Doctoral Graduate Research Assistant Tuition Scholarship (DGRATS) program.

DGRATS is a program through which Florida Tech provides full  tuition scholarships, on a semester to semester basis, to doctoral students who are receiving wages from an externally-funded research grant or contract.

Melbourne campus students who are supported by 15 hours per week (or more) of research or grant wages, or who are on full national fellowships, are eligible for the DGRATS program. This applies to both domestic and international students.

Specific details, including frequently asked questions, about DGRATS may be found on the Graduate Student Assistantships Office DGRATS page. 

Graduate Scholarships & Fellowships

Fellowships/Graduate Awards

The following is a list of donated scholarships and is a representative sample of awards that may be available to admitted graduate students. 

  • A.C. Bagtzoglou Civil Engineering Fellowship Endowment*
  • Dr. Juanita Neal Baker Psychology Fellowship*
  • Civil Alumni Recruitment Endowment (CARE)
  • David L. and Theresa G. Clayton Fellowship in Marine and Environmental Systems*
  • Deering–Irlandi Fellowship Fund*
  • Harbor City Volunteer Ambulance Squad Endowment
  • Dr. Leonard D. Healy Graduate Scholarship
  • Link Foundation Ocean Engineering Fellowship*
  • Peace Corps Graduate Fellowship
  • Dr. James M. and Sara M. Ortega Fellowship in Astronomy*
  • Alan Edwin Paltzik Fellowship*
  • Dr. Carol L. Philpot Fellowship in Family Psychology*
  • Barbara A. and William G. Roy Fellowship in Management Studies
  • Save Our Bays, Air and Canals/Waterways Inc. (SOBAC) Fellowship*
  • Major Mathew Earl Schram ALMC-LEDC/FT Graduate Fellowship*
  • Mrs. Krishna Devi Sharma Fellowship Endowment
  • Gertrude E. Skelly Fellowship in Marine and Environmental Systems*
  • Edward W. Snowdon and Lee Hill Snowdon Fellowship in Marine and Environmental Studies*
  • Admiral O.D. Waters Graduate Fellowship (DMES)*
  • John M. Williams Fellowship in DMES*
  • Dr. Elizabeth B. Wolf-Corman Fellowship in Psychology*

*indicates endowed fellowship